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TARDISblend is the official Geeks of Doom (http://geeksofdoom.com) podcast dedicated to the Universe(s) of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures. Hosted by Greg Davies and Tom Cheredar.

The Time of the Doctor has come at last, as the Matt Smith Doctor must face the standoff of a millennia at Trenzalore, the planet where he is supposed to die. With his most villainous enemies surrounding the planet, the Doctor must defend the human settlement on the surface – his final mission that will last far longer than he or companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) expect…

During TARDISblend 71, we discuss our thoughts as we review Matt Smith’s final episode as the Doctor, and the debut of Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor. We look into the many questions answered during this finale of the Matt Smith era as well as the implications for what may come next.

We also look into 2014 and beyond – as to what we can expect from the new Peter Capaldi Doctor in Series 8. All this and more on the latestTARDISblend!

Presented by Greg Davies (cGt2099 from The BLENDOVER Podcast) and geek journalist Tom Cheredar of VentureBeat, TARDISblend is a podcast that takes a look at the ongoing adventures in the Doctor Who Universe – as Matt Smith conlcudes his journey as the Doctor, and as Peter Capaldi makes his beginnings as the next Doctor!

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