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TARDISblend is the official Geeks of Doom (http://geeksofdoom.com) podcast dedicated to the Universe(s) of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures. Hosted by Greg Davies and Tom Cheredar.
TARDISblend 97: Hell Bent

Freed from billions of years of imprisonment, the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) finds himself on his home planet of Gallifrey. He must face the Time Lords with his return concerning how it connects to The Prophecy of the Hybrid, and he knows he must face his destiny. Or does he have something else in mind?

During TARDISblend 97, we are joined by Andy Sorcini from The Drill Down and discuss the season finale for Series 9 of Doctor Who, and compare it to other finales from the television show. We also look into the implications of some of the revelations made in this episode, make some predictions for the future, and look forward to the upcoming Christmas Special.

All this and more on the latest TARDISblend!

Presented by Greg Davies (cGt2099 from The BLENDOVER Podcastand The Heavy Metal Historian Podcast) and geek journalist Tom Cheredar of Gigaom, TARDISblend is a podcast that takes a look at the ongoing adventures in the Doctor Who Universe – as Peter Capaldi makes his journey as the Doctor!



Our Episode Ratings This Season

01. The Magician’s Apprentice 9 out of 10
02. The Witch’s Familiar 8 out of 10
03. Under the Lake 8 out of 10
04. Before the Flood 8 out of 10
05. The Girl Who Died 9 out of 10
06. The Woman Who Lived 6 out of 10
07. The Zygon Invasion 8 out of 10
08. The Zygon Inversion 8 out of 10
09. Sleep No More 9 out of 10
10. Face the Raven 9 out of 10
11. Heaven Sent 8 out of 10
12. Hell Bent Listen above to find out!

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