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TARDISblend is the official Geeks of Doom (http://geeksofdoom.com) podcast dedicated to the Universe(s) of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures. Hosted by Greg Davies and Tom Cheredar.

After the closure of Series 10, and the introduction of Jodie Whittakeras the Next Doctor, we reunite to preview the upcoming Christmas Special. With the episode being Peter Capaldi‘s farewell, appearance by David Bradley as the First Doctor, and the revelation of Jodie Whittaker in her first moments of the Doctor, we discuss the possibilities of the upcoming special.

Also during TARDISblend 112, we look into what we can expect in Series 11, with Chris Chibnall picking up the reigns from Steven Moffat as showrunner of the much-beloved television show. Plus there are many other news updates and other anectodes in this episode as we countdown to Twice Upon A Time

All this and more on the latest TARDISblend!

Presented by Greg Davies (cGt2099 from The Heavy Metal Historian Podcast) and geek journalist Tom Cheredar, TARDISblend is a podcast that takes a look at the ongoing adventures in the Doctor WhoUniverse – as Peter Capaldi concludes his journey as the Doctor!



Our Episode Ratings This Season

00. The Return of Doctor Mysterio 8 out of 10
01. The Pilot 10 out of 10
02. Smile 10 out of 10
03. Thin Ice 8 out of 10
04. Knock Knock 7 out of 10
05. Oxygen 9 out of 10
06. Extremis 9 out of 10
07. Pyramid at the End of the World 8 out of 10
08. The Lie of the Land 10 out of 10
09. Empress of Mars 7 out of 10
10. The Eaters of Light 7 out of 10
11. World Enough and Time 10 out of 10
12. The Doctor Falls 9 out of 10
13. Twice Upon a Time Coming Soon

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Closing Clip features a sample of Doctor Who Meets Metal
by Eric Calderone – view here

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